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Just Moved? Consider These 4 Outdoor Home Editions to Get Settled

Moving into a new house is always a busy experience. Amidst changing up the color scheme, adding components to the interior, and buying new furniture, it’s easy to forget one thing: your landscape environment! While the front yard might be enough to satisfy the neighbors, it’s important to remember the value of your backyard: It’s your own private space - where you and your family or friends can enjoy nature, spend time with one another, and relax after work.

More often than not, homeowners are not satisfied with their landscape and outdoor atmosphere after they have just moved into a new house. But many don’t even know where to begin. Groundscapes’ team of expert craftsmen and luxury landscapers have put together a complete 4 feature overview of where to start remodelling your backyard as a new homeowner:

Feature 1: It All Starts With a Patio

As the foundational outdoor feature for spending time in your backyard, a paver patio (not concrete!) is the perfect start to building your outdoor environment. Beyond the interesting fact that a survey in Quebec demonstrated that a backyard patio can increase home value by an astonishing 12%, backyard patios are also perfect tools for socializing. With a smooth surface beneath your feet, your patio will be the foundation for evening dinner outside in the summer, relaxing at night, and a place for the kids to play.

Feature 2: Lawn Care and Trees

Taking care of your lawn - in both the front and the backyard has a number of positive effects on both the image of your home, as well as the environment. For starters, the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful lawn with trees, mulch, and surrounding plants known as ‘curbside appeal’ is an easy way to make good impressions after moving into your home. On top of that, planting trees in both your front and backyards provides shade cover, cleaner air, and less noise.

In addition to these benefits, both your lawn and trees have a positive influence on the environment: according to a study by Colorado State, a single tree can sequester up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year!

Last but not least, the green vibrancy of lawn care, flowers, and trees in both your front and back yard, contributes to positive health, less anxiety, and much improved productivity. If you have kids, or simply worry about spending too much time in front of a screen this little improvement goes a long way!

Feature 3: The Best Thing to Come Home To: A Fire Pit

It’s not hard to imagine why fire pits were recently given a 10/10 Joy Score by the 2018 Remodelling Impact Report. As perhaps the most relaxing and social feature a backyard can have, a fire pit is the best way to spend summer evenings, watch football games in the fall, and socialize with friends and family any time. With different shapes and sizes available, you can add flavor to your new backyard right away by customizing the fire feature you want for your home. Different selections from Groundscapes include:

Great Chimney Fire Places:

Social Fire Pits and Flaming Collumns:

Exotic Fire Altars Combined with Water Features:

A fire feature is a home improvement you will have a hard time getting bored of. In fact, up to 83% of customers who have decided to get their own fire pit say they look forward to going home to at the end of the day. Now that’s an investment you can stand by!

Feature 4: Water Features and Serenity Gardens

A move is always stressful. What’s more, you have new neighbors, classmates for the kids, and people to interact with every day. Here’s a double recommendation from the Groundscapes team: Get yourself a magnificent water feature for your front yard, and a serenity garden in your backyard. Here’s why:

Nothing makes a subtle statement more than calming yet luxurious water feature. Place it anywhere in range of your neighbors or people who drive by, and you’ve just told given off the impression that you have taste, refinement, and a good sense of calm. The neighborhood will pay attention.

The serenity garden in your backyard is for you and your family. Adjusting to a new place, school, or job is always stressful - no matter how well prepared you are. Serenity gardens help with that. By only spending a couple of minutes a day in the calming and living nature around you, you will be amazed by the effect it has on your mental health and capacity to sleep!

Conclusion: Building an Outdoor Atmosphere Makes A New Home Much Better!

If you were to combine our recommendations, you have the perfect backyard for relaxing, entertaining, socializing, and making the most of the natural world: a fine patio, exotic fire pit, calming water feature, plenty of trees and grass, and of course, your very own serenity garden. While many customers may prefer only one feature or another, the complete set is guaranteed to provide you, your family and friends with an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy every day of the year!

If you are a family or couple who has just moved into a new home, and are looking to upgrade your home environment - don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of expert craftsmen is ready to build whatever you can imagine to create an atmosphere for lasting memories and calming experiences.

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