Welcome to Groundscapes first educational blog on Landscaping and Pets! In this initial article the Groundscapes Team will be breaking down some commonly asked questions and concerns about owning a pet and creating a vibrant landscape, as well as explaining some more recent pet friendly landscaping ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions about Landscapes and Pets:

To get started, let's walk through the most commonly asked questions about owning a landscape, and care for pets at the same time. Note: These questions will be based upon the seasonality of the Omaha Metro/La Vista area.

Question 1: Is it even worth investing in a landscape if I have multiple pets? Won't they destroy it?

Answer: The only landscape a pet will destroy, is a poorly designed one. Any good landscaping company will be able to create a customized landscape specific to the activities of your animals. This may mean designing the layout in a specific manner, or only using certain plants. If you consider the fact that landscaping -- and luxury landscaping -- is primarily focused on hardscapes, you will quickly realize it is definitely worth investing in a landscape even if you have multiple pets.

Question 2: Are there any chemicals or products I need to be on the lookout for if I have pets?

Answer: If you own cats or dogs, speak to your lawn care maintenance team about what they normally use on a lawn, and what alternatives they provide. In the event that there is a chemically deviant or unhealthy product used at times they will be sure to switch it out so that there is no chance that any of your animals might become sick from it. In fact, if the landscape is done with natural fertilizers, it should attract animals and other forms of wildlife -- not hurt them!

Question 3: What are the best landscaping features for my backyard if I have pets? What do I need to watch out for?

Answer: Most Hardscapes are extremely pet friendly and enjoyable. That means that a patio, fire place, outdoor kitchen, or water feature will be easy to integrate with a backyard that is normally occupied by an animal. If the animal is adequately trained you will have nothing to worry about in terms of the pet damaging the new feature.

The most important thing to watch out for are 1) Swimming Pools - and making sure your pet is familiar with the pool or is not going to jump in, chase something into the water, or fall in (there are a number of landscaping structures that can help prevent this), and 2) Making sure that during the time the landscaping feature is being built all of your pets are kept away from the construction site until the luxury craftsmen on the team gives the go ahead.

Question 4: Will Pet's Shorten the Lifetime of my Landscaping Feature or Require me to have more maintenance/upkeep?

Answer: That largely depends on 1) what kind of a pet you have, and 2) how many pets you have. In general, the effect of a pet on a landscaping feature is extremely minimal. However, if your focus is on a particular style of lawn or bush, multiple pets may interfere with it requiring more frequent maintenance than per usual. Speak with your landscape architect or foreman about this before they start their jobs.

Two New Pet-Friendly Landscaping Features:

At Groundscapes, we thrive on luxury and innovation - and because of that, we are one of the first landscaping companies in the Omaha Metro and La Vista area to offer two new exotic pet-landscaping features!

The Paw-Wash:

Ever get tired of letting your dog inside with mud on its paws? Or perhaps snow or grass? Depending on the season and the number of pets you have, it can be a real pain and hassle to clean up after your pets and all of the furniture they climb on after they come in from outside. That's why the Groundscapes Team came up with the Paw-Wash: a simple area that can be built next to your back or front door, where your pets can step into it and have their paws cleaned before they enter the house. In special cases, a hand-held water spout is also available to attach onto the Paw-Wash for head and back washing as well. Rest assured - No more worries about dirty floors or furniture.

The Water Bowl:

The Water Bowl is a water feature made to ensure that all pets left outside can continuously have enough water. On hot summer days, this means that owners don't have to worry about leaving their dog or cat outside, and the potential dehydration effects of being in the summer heat. The Water Bowl is designed to be a constantly full bowl of water that can be turned off at night and on when your animal is outside. It is ultimately designed for any number of pets and can be customized according to size and shape!

Conclusion: Your Pet Matters!

At Groundscapes we love luxury landscaping and the benefits that it can provide to your home experience. Often, that includes animals. Because of that, we consider it our responsibility to make sure that our customers and homeowners are fully aware of the fact that landscaping and pets are perfectly compatible! Get in touch today to start building your own pet-scape, or luxury structure!