As July wanes into August and your love for your luxury landscaped backyard grows ever fonder, we understand that you may be looking to freshen things up a bit. With school right around the corner for the kids and the crazy summer heat beginning to die down, a backyard upgrade will help refresh your space as well! After over 20 years of experience working with some ofthe finest commercial enterprises in the Omaha Metro and La Vista area , we've learned a thing or two from our partners about the importance of (luxury) landscaping for your business and the impact it can have on your customers and employees. We've rounded up the best additions you can make for your backyard oasis, brought to you by Groundscapes!!

1.A Luxury Fire Pit

As the nights begin to cool down slightly and the kids go off to school, having a warm and comfortable outdoor fire pit for the family to gather around is pertinent! We want your outdoor fire pit to be a place to share stories about the day, check in on the family, and enjoy some outdoor time after a busy day. With sleek designs, unique shapes, and classic setups, we have a variety of fire pits, altars, and torches for you to choose from. Don't wait to invest in a part of your backyard that can only bring the family closer together.

2.A Soothing Water Feature

After a stressful day at work or running around with the kids, a soothing outdoor water addition to your backyard can do the trick! Bring further tranquility into your space by installing a waterfall, fountain, small pond, or brook. Not only is the sound akin to being in a tropical rainforest but the aesthetic of the design can be visually enticing to your backyard. Consider it an endless soundtrack to have conversations over, meditate to, and simply enjoy the presence of!

3.Upscape the Landscape

The summer was hot and full of fun and laughter, with backyard parties, time with the girls, and pool days for the kids- but lately, it feels a bit wilted. All that sun and fun would do anyone in! Upgrading your landscaping design before August is in full swing will feel like an upgrade of your space overall and refreshing to your household. Perhaps install a new hedge, plant a variety of flowers, and make sure the front lawn looks fabulous for the kids first day of school photos. Keeping up to date with your luxury backyard can ensure a long lasting and happy home!

We hope you are inspired to work with Groundscapes to not only make your dream backyard a reality, but create a space you are proud and comfortable in. No reason to fear the summer ending- your backyard is customizable throughout the seasons. Thankfully, August is the perfect month for special upgrades and redesigns. If you are based in the Omaha Metro, La Vista, Valley or Bennington area, and are interested in improving your commercial landscape, don't hesitate to contact Groundscapes. As Omaha's premier landscaping company, Groundscapes Luxury Landscapes are some of the finest designs in the entire midwest! Get started today by consulting our unique design consultation form.