All to often, landscape design is overlooked during the plan-design-build creation process. Not only does a 3D design help luxury craftsmen plan and model their upcoming projects, but it also helps landscaping companies build relationships with their customers in a trusting and authentic manner.

Here at Groundscapes, our luxury craftsmen and expert designers have seen from 20 years of experience that quality design matters. But how exactly? Explained below are the three big reasons that quality design is an essential part of the landscaping process!

Reason #1: It Sets Expectations Between The Customer and The Company

The design process is the primary opportunity, for a landscaping company to build a working relationship with their customers. By creating a 3D design of their future home project, the landscaping company is able to manage and even increase client expectations surrounding the delivered project.

For customers, the design process allows them to confirm the home improvement they originally wanted, and to also give critical feedback on any feature or component that is not to their satisfaction.

In the best case scenario, expectations between the customer and company can be mutually aligned during the design process, so that the stage is set for a smooth and problem free project build out.

Reason #2: A 3D Design Helps Customers Discover New Features They May Not Have Known About

If your not an expert in landscaping design, chances are you don't even know what you are missing out on. Water Weirs? Outdoor Kitchens? Stone Fireplaces? Since luxury landscaping has not hit mainstream media yet, it can be difficult to have a clear idea about what a good landscaping company can actually create. The simple version? Just try to imagine it, and they can probably do it. Then just wait for your 3D renderings, to see if it fits your expectations.

Ultimately, the 3D design process is the perfect opportunity for landscaping companies to show customers new features, textures, colors, and materials that they have never heard of before. Sometimes, this is also a matter of combining multiple features together with a particular color scheme, or tried and tested material combination. For the first-time customer who doesn't speak landscaping design a 3D design can turn a lightbulb on!

Reason #3: Your Designs Show Everyone Else What You Are Building

For landscaping companies, 3D designs are the perfect addition to your project galleries or portfolios because they help tell the customer what kind of company you are and the quality of services that you can provide.

Adding these designs to your existing literature, social media campaigns, and events helps you better represent the value of your company in the eyes of the customer.

For customers, 3D designs do 2 things:

First, 1) they help you decide how to choose a landscaping company - especially if it's your first time. Any serious landscaping company will have a portfolio of designs either on their website, or available to view after reaching out to them.

Second 2) they give you a perfect digital tool for sharing your upcoming home improvement with your friends, family, and other experts you may want to get an opinion from.

Conclusion: Don't Forget About the Importance of the 3D Design Process!

The next time you start to plan a new landscaping project, make sure you make the most of the 3D design you receive for your home improvement. Learn about new materials, and tools, make sure you are happy with the design and then share it far and wide!

To learn more about the design process at Groundscapes, as well as the services we offer don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our unique design consultation form!