As January trucks on and the cold, dark days begin to feel monotonous and boring, it's the perfect time to spruce up your luxury backyard! Get on theme with January flavored decor, furniture, and amenities to feel both seasonal and comfortable in your luxury hardscape. AtGroundscapes , we bringover 20 years of experience working with some ofthe finest commercial enterprises in the Omaha Metro and La Vista area . During that time, we've learned a thing or two from our partners about the importance of (luxury) landscaping for your business and the impact it can have on your customers and employees. To make your hardscape feel more like a January, winter wonderland and less like a cold and grey ghost of its former summer glory, read on!

1. Shine Bright like a Diamond

Inspired by Rihanna and brought to you by Groundscapes, our line of luxury lighting options is exactly what your patio or hardscape is needing! From lights that glimmer and glow to lights that softly flicker and change color, the January themed lighting you've been wanting is what we got. Go extra seasonal with snowflake string lights or blue lights that bring up feelings of warmth and coziness amidst these gray days. Need something a bit larger? We can easily switch out the bulbs in your luxury hardscape for shinier and newer ones to ensure that everything the light touches is indeed your oasis!

2. Pillows, Rugs, and Mugs, Oh My!

Possibly the three most important factors for any luxury hardscape in winter time, especially if you plan on still enjoying your patio as you should. From morning coffee to afternoon tea and friendly bonfires, having a plethora of throw rugs, pillows, and of course adorable cookware to enjoy will complete your Groundscapes space. If you need help with design and style, our experts can match some fun, new backyard amenities with your current setup. From fire feature placement to rug color coordination and outdoor kitchen styling, you give us the formula and we produce the dazzling answer.

3. Pop That (Color)

That's right, even in the depths of winter your luxury hardscape or patio can indeed house some cute and resilient backyard plants or succulents! With the proper hanging pots, heat lamps, and vases, the sturdy winter succulents we love so much can also be yours. Add in some strong mini pines or bushels and the popping colors of deep green are yours. A color scheme that can't be beat coupled with your blues and whites, this is a luxury patio that is sure to impress any guest.

Going forward through January, you can count on Groundscapes to be here as you plan for your incredible spring backyards and try to stay as cozy as possible in your winter ones! If you are based in the Omaha Metro, La Vista, Valley or Bennington area, and are interested in improving your commercial landscape, don't hesitate to contact Groundscapes. As Omaha's premier landscaping company, Groundscapes Luxury Landscapes are some of the finest designs in the entire midwest! Get started today by consulting our unique design consultation form.