Welcome to 2020! To start the year off with a bang, the Groundscapes Team has decided to mix things up a little bit, with new offers and new improvement packages. This includes specifically the Groundscapes Early Bird Special, as well as 5 brand new home improvement project bundles. Let's get started with the early bird special!

Groundscapes Early Bird Special:

  • Available From: January - February 28th.

  • Applicable To: All Home Improvement projects and Bundles.

  • Discount: Lifetime Guarantee and Free Repairs + 10% Off Most Expensive Improvement

As the description suggests, Groundscapes Unique Early Bird Special is making its debut for the first time. What's our thought process behind this offer? That it pays to get started before the rush! If you know you are going to be investing in a new home improvement or project bundle, there has never been a better time to get started on your project. The early bird special is designed to be a win-win for all customers that go with it:

First, as Groundscapes Owners Nick and Lori Heimann have discussed in detail, starting your project in the winter as opposed to spring or summer, allows your project to receive more time and attention from Groundscapes Luxury Craftsmen and Designers.

Note: A complete overview of the design and build process is already available!

Second, the special includes a lifetime guarantee with free repairs to your improvement, as well as 10% off of the most expensive piece of your package or bundle!

New Home Improvement Bundles Are Here!

In addition to the Groundscapes Early Bird Special, new home improvement bundles are here. These bundles are combinations of Groundscapes' most popular home improvements at an optimal price. While a catalog of project bundles will be released in the near future, our 5 Initial Starter Offerings Include:

  • The Late Night Delight: Paver Patio, Fire Pit, and Lighting.

  • Evening Entertainment: Outdoor Kitchen (Oven, Counter-Tops, Sink, Grill, and Dishwasher -- Additional Perks Available), Paver Patio, Lighting.

  • Keep Calm and Relax: Water Feature, Paver Patio, Softscape Features (Garden, Trees, Bushes, etc.) and the option of either an outdoor structure (Pergola, Sun Sails, etc.) or a fireplace.

  • The Summer Time Specialty: Private Swimming Pool (Additional Water Features Available), Paver Patio, Lighting, and Fire Pit.

  • The Front Yard Statement: Bubbling Boulder (Or any other water feature), Paver Patio walkway/driveway, Lighting, Trees, and Softscape Selection.

For pricing on these packages please reach out to the Groundscapes Team with the name and any additional features or perks for a particular package! In addition, if you would like to add further features onto a package or substitute one feature for another, simply let the Groundscapes customer agent know and they will provide you with an updated design-build-maintain plan thereafter!

We are looking forward to starting the year off strong. Stand by in the future as more bundles are released along with future reward-referral programs and much more!