As the snow continues to fall in the Omaha Metro and La Vista Area, there is no better time to start planning your summer vacations and weekend hangout spots! That starts today at Groundscapes, as we walk through a project from previous years that we like to call “The Perfect Summer Escape!”.

Designed and built around the Omaha Metro Area, this project is the perfect summer escape for a number of reasons:

  • It was designed to accommodate virtually any and every type of summer event or entertainment activity: from relaxing around a fire pit, to swimming in a private pool, eating outdoors, or relaxing in the sun.

  • It was designed for all times of day: including night time swimming, relaxing, and dialogue.

  • It includes sheltered and elevated areas for sun protection or rainy days, that are equally useful for cooking and entertaining when enough time has been spent in the elements.

  • It is aesthetically beautiful and includes serene additional features such as water fountains

What does the Perfect Summer Escape Include?

For starters, our luxury craftsmen like to stress the fact that it is a complete summer environment: that means that each piece of the landscape has been creatively designed to fit with the other improvements for a holistic experience.

Feature 1: Balcony, Dining Table and Paver Patio

It starts with the foundations. In this case, that means the patio, the balcony, the fine paver design, and the retainer wall stretching around the entire environment.

The common brick theme has been built to encompass the entire foundational design. This uniformity increases the aesthetic appeal of the entire landscape and sets a tone for other improvements.

Feature 2: Exotic Swimming Pool With Additional Features

While the swimming pool and side features were customarily designed by the owners of the home, the additional water weirs added to send spouts of water onto the pool were a perfect touch to the pool.

Combined with the added in basketball hoop, the design is perfect for kids looking to play around in the summer water or adults simply looking to cool off.

Feature 3: Fire Pit and Relaxation Environment

The third feature that really stands out about this dream summer escape is the fire pit and its accompanying setup: A slight step-decline creates an inclusive atmosphere in which multiple guests can sit around the fire and enjoy the heat, company, and inclusivity of the environment.

Importantly, to fully complete the appeal of the fire pit area, a fire bowl has been strategically placed on the corner of the retaining wall.

Feature 4: The Kitchen

Every fantastic landscape includes some form of social engagement. For the dream summer home, the perfect form of social engagement is an outdoor kitchen - with rain cover!

As the photo below demonstrates this outstanding kitchen is designed to accommodate the full scope of functions of any normal kitchen with the added benefit of being strategically placed underneath the balcony and within a short distance from the pool.

Feature 5: Water Features and Softscape Appeal

A necessary and calming feature for the entire landscape are the softscape gardens and primary water feature sprinkled between the main attractions. The reason for this placement is for the purpose of keeping the environment natural: water features are serene, calming, and provide a fluid feeling to an atmosphere.

Overall, greenery and plants increase the natural feel of the entire landscape and improve the feeling of truly being outdoors.

Feature 6: Lighting and Night Time Entertainment

The final feature of the perfect summer escape is the lighting and nighttime capacities! As the photos below demonstrate, adding in selective lighting is a complete game changer for optimizing the entire landscape for night time use!

Whether this is for late night swimming, cooking, or relaxing around the fire, the lighting features for this majestic home environment allow for use of all features late into the night, under the stars.

Ready to get started on your own perfect summer escape? Don't hesitate to get in touch with the Groundscapes team today! We are more than happy to walk through our selection of materials, colors, and designs, to make sure that it fits perfectly with your expectations and goals!