When it comes to landscaping, it's easy to only pay attention to your backyard: after all that is where you spend most of your time, and where most family and friends relax and hang out. But what about your front yard? Beyond curb appeal, and the benefits it can provide to the overall value of your property, your front yard is also an important place because it is what everyone else is able to see. As such, it is up to you to decide what kind of tone, atmosphere, and style you want to project with your front yard. A friendly invitation? A statement about your status? Here are three of our favorite front yard landscaping ideas:

Number 1: A Bubbling Boulder or Water Feature

More often than not, front yards are standardized: they all look the same. And while one may have a different lawn pattern or tree than the other, there is significant room to stand out. For that reason, the Groundscapes Team highly recommends adding a bubbling boulder or other water feature to transform your front yard. The water is soothing and constant, while the edifice blends in well with the rest of the lawn, and is aesthetically pleasing. Other options beyond a bubbling boulder include water falls, or water streams - both of which possess the same benefits.

Number 2: A Natural Garden and Lawn

Lots of people have a standard lawn, others might have a couple of trees or some flowers. With a little precision and planning, adding a natural garden to a well watered lawn is a perfect way to increase the natural appeal of your landscaping. Whether this is a matter of planting new trees and bushes from the root, or simply implanting existing trees and flowers, a little bit of creativity with different plants and flowers can go a long way in brightening up your front yard. The appeal is friendly, beautiful, and refined - and most importantly it's perfect for relaxing outside on a chair in the summer heat!

Number 3: A Paver Patio Walkway, Steps, and Lighting

Our third recommendation is one that not many people think of when they think of their front yard. Adding an expertly laid paver patio walkway, with steps and lighting is perfect for making a subtle statement to guests and visitors before they even enter your home. Increased visibility, an easy surface to walk upon, and a sleek design is not only inviting - its prestigious.

Overall, your front yard is a place where you have the opportunity to make a statement about yourself and your home: who you are, what you stand for, and what kind of a statement you would like to make. By adding any of our three favorite front-yard landscaping ideas to your home, you will not only increase curbside appeal but also the entire perception of your home. To learn more or get started on your own project, feel free to fill out Groundscapes Unique Design Consultation Form from which one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you!