We know that the July heat and humidity can be a party killer. After all, who wants to hang out drenched in sweat, chugging water, and having no fun at all?! Fortunately, our Groundscapes team can help you beat the heat this summer with these top backyard tips and additions. We bringover 20 years of experience working with some ofthe finest commercial enterprises in the Omaha Metro and La Vista area . During that time, we've learned a thing or two from our partners about the importance of (luxury) landscaping for your business and the impact it can have on your customers and employees. Read on to learn how to keep cool and relaxed in the Nebraska heat, and how to customize your backyard to keep it accessible even when the heat index soars!

1.Shade is the Name of the Game

It's all about keeping out of the sun and keeping your body cool and NOT sunburned, especially when hosting elderly guests or younger children who are more vulnerable to the powerful rays that blanket Nebraska in the summer. With our array of outdoor structures, built to your design and needs, we can ensure a well portioned area of your backyard or patio is shaded. Pool umbrellas and umbrellas for your patio furniture are also a necessity! Of course, with our landscaping and gardening services, we can also plant some well placed trees or palms that offer natural and aesthetic shade. Even in the shade, don't forget the sunscreen!

2.Summer Sips and Eats

With your outdoor kitchen, you are only steps away from a shaded, cool area to prepare a variety of summer (and insta) worthy drinks and food to keep your guests cool. From cold drinks and smoothies to refreshing freshly cut fruit and chips and dip, there's no need to step inside all day!! With our specially designed outdoor kitchens, we can help install whatever kitchen amenity suits your needs- from outdoor mini fridges to sinks and freezers, we got you covered. Keep the popsicles flowing!


Yes, of course for you, but also for the backyard!! Those hard grown plants, gardens, and grass need water as well. With our state of the art water features, including fountains and waterfalls, we can promise that a well placed water source is good for your whole backyard! Sprinklers are an excellent addition to keep your plants alive in the searing heat and the kids busy with fun for hours. Invest in a solid water feature, pool, or outdoor kitchen sink today to make sure you have the hydration covered on all fronts.

Here at Groundscapes, we understand how exhausting the July heat can be, so we hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks to keep cool and happy! Don't forget the sunscreen! If you are based in the Omaha Metro, La Vista, Valley or Bennington area, and are interested in improving your commercial landscape, don't hesitate to contact Groundscapes. As Omaha's premier landscaping company, Groundscapes Luxury Landscapes are some of the finest designs in the entire midwest! Get started today by consulting our unique design consultation form.