For many people, landscaping is a matter of lawn care and maintenance. At Groundscapes, however, we try to break that stereotype by focusing on our customers imagination: Start with what you would like your backyard or front yard to feel like and look like. Think about what you would like to spend time doing in your yard - Relaxing? Socializing? Spending more time with your family and friends? Real luxury landscaping, begins with what you value and an experience or atmosphere that is going to make your life that much better, less stressful, or more enjoyable.

Once you have a clear goal in mind for what you would like to do with your landscape, it's time to start our three step process: Imagine It. Design It. Build It. Let's get started!

Imagine It:

Imagination is the beginning of every outdoor creation. We've designed landscapes for families seeking to replicate the feel of their old climate, and we've designed others for families looking for the ultimate summer experience. Ultimately, whatever we design for your backyard or home is only limited by the limits of your imagination! So dream big, and innovate, and be willing to ask for the impossible - because we love to try new things.

For certain customers who may not have enough familiarity with luxury landscaping to know about the complete selection of services and projects available, it never hurts to check out our existing project galleries on Houzz and Pinterest - all of these homes are in or around the Omaha/La Vista area!

Design It:

The second step in the project creation process, is to design the landscape you have in mind. This is something that our expert landscape designers love to do. Using innovative 3D design technology, they will create an exact replica of what your landscaping project will look like.

You then have the opportunity to customize certain features of the landscape, the types of materials used, the color scheme, and any other additions you may have in mind.

The design process is extremely important as it ensures that everyone is satisfied with the project before actually having to break any ground. It's also the perfect time to ask for opinions from friends and family members!

Build It:

Finally, it's time to build your outdoor creation. For you, this is the easiest part of the process: you can sit back and relax, while our team of luxury craftsmen completely transform your backyard. Importantly, there are a couple of important points to remember for the build process: First, depending on the project other areas of your landscape may be altered during the build-out period (but rest assured, it will look better than before once the project is finished!). Second, the process for a project varies depending upon the materials used, the size of the project, and the weather at the time. Third, and finally, our goal is always to build you a luxury improvement that lasts a lifetime - that means the fixes or issues down the road are taken care of by us!

The imagine, design, and build process is Groundscapes tried-and-tested formula for creating exceptional landscaping projects and lasting relationships with our customers. We are always happy to hear about your next landscaping idea! To get started on your own project, head over to our unique design consultation form so we can start quickly!