Finally 2020 is coming to a close, and as we all breathe a collective sigh of relief and reflect on the good and (sometimes very) bad fortune this year has brought, it's also time to take a moment to appreciate our luxury backyards! Especially during this year of masking up, social distancing, and more often than not taking the gatherings outside, it has been one of the best years yet to stay home and put some work and love into that luxury landscape and hardscape. AtGroundscapes , we bringover 20 years of experience working with some ofthe finest commercial enterprises in the Omaha Metro and La Vista area . During that time, we've learned a thing or two from our partners about the importance of (luxury) landscaping for your business and the impact it can have on your customers and employees. Without further ado, here is a roundup of our top three favorite features from 2020 that will inspire you to take it even further in 2021!

1. Luxury Pool Design

If there was ever a better summer to spend your days whiling away by the pool, we'd like to know! With many public pools closed or unsafe to go to during the summer months of 2020, turning to your luxury backyard pool and all the amenities it offered was truly the best decision to have made. From pool features such as waterfalls and slides to hardscapes additions like loungers and outdoor structures to provide some much needed shade, investing in your backyard pool experience was a must do! Furthermore, Groundscapes array of pool designs, shapes, and sizes made it easy for each customer to customize their pool to their backyards style and personal needs. Cheers to splashing and swimming into 2021!

2. Landscape Update

To really get the most out of the many hours spent in your backyard this year, from enjoying spring sunshine to summer afternoons and crisp fall mornings, a well designed and structured landscape was absolutely necessary. We really pulled out all of the stops this year, with a variety of garden inspiration and designs to implement into the landscape as well as hedges and flower beds. From the front to the back, your luxury landscape was hopefully getting all the love! In 2021, with spring just a few months away, we are excited to introduce even bigger and better landscape plans for your luxury backyard

3. Fire Features

2020 was surely full of bonfires, socially distanced outdoor firepits, and luxury fire features to add warmth and light to a slightly dim year. Our fire features really came through this year, and we hope that you and your guests enjoyed some of our new designs and original features as much as we do! With cool Halloween additions such as bowls or torches to winter wonderland proof fireplaces and pits, the fire features certainly shone brightly on the Groundscapes stage. With winter of 2021 still very much ahead of us, these features, as well as our insane lighting collections, will continue to keep you cozy and warm until the spring thaw!

Thank you for sticking by us this year and making 2020 one of the best years yet for some quality time in your luxury backyard, with the people that truly matter. We look forward to serving you in the new year and kicking off 2021 with some midnight backyard celebrating! If you are based in the Omaha Metro, La Vista, Valley or Bennington area, and are interested in improving your commercial landscape, don't hesitate to contact Groundscapes. As Omaha's premier landscaping company, Groundscapes Luxury Landscapes are some of the finest designs in the entire midwest! Get started today by consulting our unique design consultation form.