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Groundscapes Announces New Luxury Landscaping Facility Coming to Valley, Nebraska for Summer 2020!

For Immediate Release

Monday, December 16th

Contact: Groundscapes Marketing (+1-402-213-0487)

6065 N 264th Circle, Valley, Nebraska. Groundscapes Founders and Owners Nick and Lori Heimann are proud to announce the upcoming opening of Groundscapes’ brand new luxury landscaping facility in the summer of 2020!

As one of the most respected luxury landscaping companies in the entire Midwest, the new facility will greatly reinforce Groundscapes capacity for creating novel backyard experiences and unforgettable landscaping features! While customers will have the opportunity to work with Groundscapes luxury craftsmen and designers in creating and building pristine outdoor home improvements, the cutting-edge facility will also feature a radically new concept: Do It Yourself Landscaping.

For home and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) luxury landscaping is a unique concept that allows anyone and everyone to re-create their own backyard with the finest materials and designs available. To better accommodate a ‘customer-first’ attitude, the new facility will be split between office space for staff, and a ‘display and engage’ space for homeowners, home-builders, and backyard enthusiasts to pick, choose, and customize new landscaping features to add to their home!

Owner Lori Heimann said the following: “After close to 20 years of working around the Omaha Metro Area, we could not be happier to open this new facility for landscaping enthusiasts and homeowners across Nebraska! For years our customers have been asking about luxury landscaping, and where they can get started on their own projects - and now we finally have an answer: Come stop by our brand new facility and get everything you need to start adding your own personal touch to your landscape! From materials and design options to educational material and expert advice we are happy to service our community with this special opportunity.”

In total, the new Groundscapes building will be a massive upgrade featuring a company kitchen and cafeteria, modern work space, display corridor and design gallery, as well as facilities and space for the entire Groundscapes fleet of trucks!

Owner Nick Heimann added the following about the new facility: “As more and more customers become interested in landscaping, luxury outdoor home environments, and reconnecting with nature, we were intentional about making sure that our new facility would be able to offer all of our existing services while also accommodating eager customers in a new and creative way!”

With the new facility set to open in Spring of 2020, Nick and Lori Heimann are only just getting started with what they say is a completely original and innovative approach to the outdoors:

“For a long time mainstream landscaping has been considered to be only about lawn care and maintenance. We are ramping up our operations and services to redefine landscaping around the homeowner and their experience: Luxury landscaping is now about reconnecting with what you care about the most: your family, your friends, and the peace and calm of nature.”

Altogether, the opening of Groundscapes new facility is a turning point for landscaping in Nebraska. New service offerings building upon the grand opening of Groundscapes’ new facility are sure to follow later on in the year. From yoga patios, serenity gardens, and infinity swimming pools to petscapes, stone fire pits, stainless steel outdoor kitchens, and environmentally friendly project-designs you can expect Groundscapes to continue to innovate and surprise the landscaping world well into 2020!

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