Over time new trends emerge, while old trends evolve. While this applies to all industries, it is specifically relevant in luxury landscaping where a new generation of homeowners has begun to design outdoor landscaping improvements with new preferences, values, and focus.

While this transition is slow, and many more traditional features such as swimming pools, and lawn care remain popular, new trends continue to sweep across the United States. In this deep dive by the Groundscapes Team, a look at new consumer preferences and trends is analyzed from across the United States. This continues our ongoing series on innovation that already includes a feature on the rooftop patio, as well as 21st century trends in luxury landscaping.

Newly Focused Landscaping Research: Visual Science and Color Preferences

According to recent research from Dr. Kuper from Temple University, landscaping for residential homeowners can be vastly improved by considering different color schemes in relation to the natural environment of the property: Do customers prefer ‘categorical colors' or ‘perceptual' colors? Why are foliated landscapes more influential than standard vegetation?

According to Dr. Kuper, landscaping experts can utilize this new research to provide softscaping improvements that appeal to any homeowner throughout the entire year, and without diminishing preferences for further landscaping improvements.

Gardening is a Rising Hobby!

According to the 2018 National Gardening Association Survey, 30% of all gardening households come from homeowners in the age group of 18 to 34 year olds! The new preferences from these younger homeowners include an emphasis on organic nature, low maintenance landscaping, and of course - Gardening!

Here is the direct implications of what this landscaping change means: Nowadays, customers are pressed for time. Gone are the days where stay-at-home mothers could water or mow the lawn, trim the bushes and keep the landscape beautiful. Today, the new homeowner is looking to interact with their landscape for their personal benefit and without the headache of routine maintenance.

Gardening, is particularly appealing as a collaborative, healthy, sustainable, and rewarding activity that can be done to relax at the end of the work day. The main message? Sell the experience of gardening and not the minuscule maintenance work associate with lawn care.

The National Association of Landscaping Professional's Make Their Picks for 2020:

Last but not least, the National Association of Landscaping Professionals (NALP) have made their picks for landscaping in America for the 2020 year. Here are some interesting insights from their experts:

  • Bring on the Blue: Blue is picked to be the popular color of 2020 for landscape designers and architects. As the NALP Writes, “With PPG naming Chinese Porcelain, a cobalt and moody blue, and Sherwin-Williams declaring Naval, a strong and calming dark blue, as their respective colors of the year,” blue is clearly the color of choice to be on the lookout for or to add to your landscaping collection.

  • Gardens Yet Again: As gardens become more trendy, different types of gardens are also positioned to significantly increase in popularity: pollinator gardens for eco-system preservation purposes, farm-to-table gardens for fresh produce and healthy living, as well as container and vertical gardens for smaller living quarters in big cities!

  • Smart Irrigation Systems and Helpful Tech: Last but not least, technology most certainly will play a new and improved role in luxury landscaping into the future. As NALP affirms, smart irrigation systems are already a highly popular improvement, with other lighting and temperature management systems becoming more accessible every month to average residential homeowners!

What Does the Big Picture Recommend?

This year, landscaping is starting to change: it's becoming more technical, scientific, and personal. With new preferences from homeowners, new color schemes to choose from, and a copious amount of science backing up new targeting strategies.

As a new or existing homeowner in the Omaha Metro or La Vista area, there is no other luxury landscaping that is on top of these trends as Groundscapes: Get in touch today to start designing your unique garden or landscape!