You've made up your mind to get a new fire pit – that's great! It may seem like all the hard decisions are over, but there's still one more important factor to consider: Do you want a gas-burning or wood-burning fire pit? Since both options have different benefits, this will come down to your personal preference and goals. The wood-burning option tends to be less expensive, so for people who are trying to be more budget-conscious, that could be important! On the other hand, gas-burning fire pits are going to require less maintenance. They'll also take a little longer to install than its wood-burning cousin, so if you need it in time for a special event, the latter may be the better option! No matter which option you choose, you'll end up with a beautiful, warm atmosphere to enjoy with loved ones on chilly Nebraska nights.

Wood-burning fire pits tend to be less expensive than gas-burning fire pits.

Wood burning fire pit installed for a customer in Omaha, NE.

Pricing is an essential piece of the puzzle in any large project, so this is something you'll want to devote time to review when deciding between wood-burning and gas-burning fire pits. Wood-burning fire pits tend to be less expensive since they won't require any gas lines to be installed or connected. Gas-burning fire pits can be connected to an existing gas line, but if you don't have one, you'll need to look into having one installed, which can increase the cost. For some, the benefits of gas-burning fire pits outweigh those challenges, but if cost is a leading consideration for you, wood-burning may be the way to go!

Gas-burning fire pits are low maintenance and quick to light.

Gas burning fire pit made out of tile and stone in La Vista, NE.

Another factor to consider when choosing between a wood-burning or gas-burning fire pit is how much maintenance and upkeep you want to do. Gas-burning fire pits, once installed, are very low maintenance! They're quick to light and can run continuously without an issue. On the other hand, wood-burning fire pits are going to require a little more TLC to get going! You'll need to build a log fire and keep an eye on it, replacing logs as needed to keep it burning. While some people love the convenience of starting up the fire with a push of a button, many people love the therapeutic fire building that a wood-burning fire pit offers.

Wood-burning fire pits can typically be installed more quickly than gas-burning fire pits.

The ideal timeline of your fire pit installation will also weigh heavily on which option you choose. Because of their simple fuel source, wood-burning fire pits can typically be installed on a much quicker timeline. If you want a fire pit installed ASAP so you can start enjoying the ambiance or host a special event, this may be the best option for you! If you aren't in any rush, a gas-burning fire pit could still be a perfect fit for what you're looking for.

Since they don't release smoke into the air, gas-burning fire pits are more environmentally friendly than wood-burning fire pits!

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