Having an outdoor lighting setup can be the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor living space and can make your property safer to navigate at night. Many property owners in the Omaha, Nebraska area think that it doesn't matter which type of lightbulbs they choose for their outdoor lighting setup. However, it can actually make a huge difference in safety, durability, and your energy bill. Compared to traditional incandescent lightbulbs, LED bulbs are much safer to handle temperature-wise. LED bulbs are far more durable and last significantly longer as well. Also, LED bulbs are a much more energy-efficient choice for your outdoor lighting fixtures.

LED lighting is safer than traditional lighting.

When it comes to temperature, LED lightbulbs are a much safer option than traditional incandescent bulbs. The surface of an average incandescent lightbulb can get as hot as 200 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, these bulbs have a much higher chance of combusting or burning your fingers while you change them. However, LED bulbs only get up to about 60 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that they are much safer for you to handle. This is because incandescent bulbs transfer more than 95% of the energy they use into heat, whereas LED bulbs only transfer about 65% of the energy they use into heat. So, while traditional bulbs contain filaments that can get too hot to handle, LED bulbs conserve energy and stay cool to the touch.

LED lightbulbs perform better in cold weather conditions when compared to incandescent bulbs, making them perfect for outdoor lighting in Nebraska.

LED lighting is more durable and longer-lasting than traditional lighting.

When compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs are far superior in durability. Incandescent bulbs are built out of thin glass, meaning that they can break or shatter easily. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are made with hard plastic rather than glass which makes them much less likely to break.

LED lightbulbs are also significantly longer-lasting than their traditional counterparts. While incandescent bulbs typically last around 1,000 hours, LED bulbs can last as long as 50,000 hours. This means that, on average, you wouldn't need to change your LED lightbulbs for about 10 years.

LED lighting is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting.

In addition to being safer and more durable, LED bulbs are also the more energy-efficient choice for your outdoor lighting setup. The kind of light that LED bulbs use (diode light) is naturally more efficient power-wise than the filament light of incandescent bulbs. To be specific, LED bulbs use more than 75% less energy than their traditional counterparts; the average LED bulb uses only 11 to 12 watts of energy to produce an amount of light comparable to a 50-watt incandescent bulb. Because LED bulbs consume energy much more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, they can have a positive impact on your electric bill. LED lightbulbs also produce fewer CO2 emissions, which further proves that they are the eco-friendly lighting choice.

LED lighting can be installed with dimming capabilities and programmable timers, making them a convenient option for your outdoor lighting fixtures.

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Led lighting installed for a hardscape water feature in Omaha, NE.

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