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An Interview with the Groundscapes Owners: When is the Best Time to Start a Landscaping Project?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Nick and Lori Heimann, Co-Founders and Owners of Groundscapes Inc.

At Groundscapes, we have learned from over 20 years of experience, that it’s crucial to provide our customers with the right information, in order to enable them to make decisions about their next landscaping project. That’s why today, we sat down with the Groundscapes founders, Nick and Lori Heimann, to discuss the best time of year to start a landscaping project, the design process, and their general tips of advice for customers interested in enhancing their home environment.

Interviewer: To get started, why don’t we discuss the seasonality of landscaping. Would you say your work schedule varies with the different seasons?

Nick: In general, yes. We tend to become busier as the weather gets better - starting around March, and working full time through September or October. Different projects are normally more popular depending on the season: patios and kitchens in the spring, swimming pools in the summer, and fire pits in the fall. We also offer winter landscaping - however that is much more dependent on the weather and custom needs of our clients..

Interviewer: Does the seasonality affect how long it takes to complete a project?

Lori: Our teams are extremely skilled at delivering projects within the customers chosen time frame. However, a lot also depends on how many projects have been requested, and how much time our craftsmen have. Seasonally, most people tend to wait until the middle to end of spring, to plan out their project which means there can often be project congestion over the course of the summer.

Interviewer: So if I were, for example, interested in a new swimming pool for mid-summer - what does the process look like, and when would be the best time to start scheduling it?

Lori: You would get in touch with one of our fantastic customer representatives to talk about what you have in mind: the size, different features, budget, and timeframe. Then once you have decided on what you like, we will create a 3D design for your project to share with you before we start building. Only after you have approved the 3D design - which can be exceptionally detailed - will we actually start the process.

Note: A sample photo and video of a 3D Design is provided below:

Interviewer: And in terms of scheduling the project?

Nick: We’ve been telling our customers for a while, that the best time to contact us to start your landscaping project is going to be in the winter. As counter-intuitive as it seems, we can provide a complete estimate with select materials, 3D designs, and a build out date of your choice (in the spring or summer) if the process is started over the winter. The reason for this is that normally we have fewer projects to manage during the winter which frees up our Landscape Architects to try out more creative design solutions for our customers.

Lori: You would be amazed at how much straightforward and enjoyable the process is, when you start in the winter. For us, and for our customers as well. It’s because customers are able to receive a lot more personalized attention on the design and planning of the project in the winter, as opposed to the spring and summer rushes. We could not more highly recommend getting started during December and January as it really speeds up the entire project timeframe.

Interviewer: Interesting and definitely not what I had in mind. Any final pieces of advice for customers interested in starting a project?

Nick: Start early, come with a rough budget in mind to select the right materials, and make sure that you are happy with the design before we start to break ground. Of course, if you start the process in the winter, it’s much easier to go back and forth on designs as opposed to the summer.

Lori: Don’t be afraid to ask any preliminary questions about different features or costs - we are here to build you a home-environment that can create memories for you, your family and your children. And the more we know about your tastes and preferences, the better we can work to deliver a final product that you are happy with.

Start Your Next Project with Groundscapes!

If you have a project in mind that you would like to get started with, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team of luxury craftsmen and design professionals would love to build out your next patio, swimming pool, fire pit, and much more!

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