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5 Backyard Activities For Kids!

Spring is here to stay! What does that mean for your family? It is time to enjoy the beautiful weather together outside, and a fun, dynamic backyard is a great place to be active, play games, and enjoy each other's company. The Groundscapes Team knows how important it is to spend quality time with family and friends, and we specialize in enhancing outdoor spaces to make the time spent there more enjoyable. Pools and patios are great, but today we have a special blog about 5 other fun activities that will get your kids off the couch and running around outside!

Open Goaaal! Soccer Goal + Rebounder + Backstop

If your kids love to play sports, this might be the choice for you. No more broken windows, busted fence posts, or loud smacks of a soccer ball distracting you or disturbing the neighbors. Oh, and no more chasing around a ball in the back of the net or over a fence. This soccer goal has a net surrounding the outside that rebounds missed shots at goal so that you can spend more time playing and less time running after your ball. It’s an added bonus that it can also prevent your garden from becoming part of the soccer field.

Test Your Balance On A Slackline!

Slacklines have grown in popularity in parks and outdoor spaces, and could be perfect for your backyard. Walking the line is all about balance and relaxation, and takes practice to master. But, the process is rewarding and it is a relaxing activity that is also engaging. All you need to do is find two sturdy trees or set up anchors and you can set up your slackline in minutes.

Try a New Sport!

With minimal equipment and simple playing rules, Spikeball is an easily accessible game for all ages! With many variations of the game and the freedom to play the way you want, Spikeball will keep kids of all ages busy and active outside. It is great for cross-training other sports or as just a fun game to play in the backyard!

Unique Yard Games

Yard games are great ways to spend time with the whole family. Kubb is a Swedish lawn game that involves tossing small wooden sticks to knock down the other team’s pieces. An easy game for the whole family to enjoy, Kubb is simple and appropriate for all ages. You can even make your own pieces!

Build Something!

Let your kids flex their creative muscles and plan out a build to put in the backyard. Some ideas could be an obstacle course, a playset with a climbing wall, or even a pool! Involve them in every step of the process and let and encourage them to take charge of the project. Be sure to provide safety instructions, oversight, and protective equipment!

Groundscapes Enhances Time Outdoors

Our goal at Groundscapes is to improve the outdoor experience of our clients in any way we can. We upgrade backyards, build structures, lay patios, and dig pools. We also provide full-service landscaping such as mowing, lawn maintenance, and cleanups. As the premier luxury landscaping company in the Omaha, La Vista, Bennington, and Valley area, our work speaks for itself- just take a look at your project gallery. If you are ready to get started on your next project, fill out our unique consultation form or give us a call today!

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