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The Landscaping Experience: A Rocky Mountain Theme

Landscaping is about creating a better living experience for your family and friends, when your spending time outside. And while most people think that this only extends to a nice lawn, or a patch of flowers, the truth is that luxury landscaping is a new frontier of design and home improvement.

While there are a wide arrange of different hardscapes and softscapes that you can add to your home, our craftsmen and designers go a step further to even recommend something unique: thematic landscapes designed around a particular experience, feeling, or setting. Let’s get into the details:

A Rocky Mountain Theme:

With 20 years of working with clients here at Groundscapes, we’ve becoming familiar with building specially designed landscapes on a regular basis. One case study in point, is the ‘Rocky Mountain Themed’ backyard experience. Here’s why:

Step 1: It Starts With Your Own Creativity

This home design began, with the homeowners desire to recreate the ‘feel’ of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in their own backyard. Naturally this began with a detailed discussion between the customer and our designers as to what they had in mind.

They mentioned a few things that were essential to have:

A large fireplace.

Plenty of Rocks and Trees.

A Flowing Water Feature of Sorts.

A Patio To Spend Time Outside On.

From there, the design team worked with our craftsmen to select the perfect materials and tools for creating this environment.

Step 2: Recreating A Natural Setting In Your Backyard

With the goal of replicating the Colorado Rockies, our team of craftsmen had the perfect design in mind: a mixture of patio, rocks, and forestry angled across a slight incline in order to capture the real feel of being on a mountain side.

It was then time to focus on each feature in turn:

The Flowing Rivers in the Rockies:

The river experience is one for calm and relaxation. Our clients loved the idea of having the sound of flowing water in their evening outdoor experience, but even more important to them was for it to feel and look like the real natural habitat they had in mind. This is what we came up with:

As the photo demonstrates, the water is completely surrounded by a rocky mountain habitat: mulch or dirt, complemented by scattered and jagged rocks, and small pieces of flowers, trees, and other plants.

The streaming flow of water begins at the very top of the incline, so that the sound of water can be heard as it flows downwards and over a mountain-esque landscape.

A Towering Stone Fireplace Like No Other:

Next came the creative part: how to replicate a natural campfire in the middle of the rocky mountains? Our solution: focus on the experience and the style.

We designed a towering stone chimney using different colored stones and sleek surfaces to create a completely unique look and feel. Based upon the size and placement of the chimney, we optimized the patio space in front for just the right amount of heat depending on how many of the fire places were lit.

This was the result:

A perfect feeling of a mountain campfire, with the added benefit of luxury design, comfortable heat, and a picturesque view.

The Scenery and Feel From Within:

The last two special affects our teams added to the Rocky Mountain Landscape, were ones that were made to complete the ‘feel’ of the landscape. This refers to both environmental atmosphere and personal experience.

To ensure that the atmosphere was adequately ‘mountain-enough’ our team of luxury craftsmen built out the sides of the patio, and the upper echelon of the landscape with a carefully placed rock formation, occasional patches of mulch, and a couple of well-chosen trees.

The patio design was then used to create a comfortable experience from which the owners could immerse themselves in the environment, without actually having to go up into the mountains. This included a social area with chairs and a wine table - but could have included any variety of features!

Step 3: Experiencing the Wonder of the Rocky Mountain Landscape

When we took a step back and observed what we created, we realized that luxury landscaping around particular themes, is different from the mainstream. Our customers were thrilled with the experience, as they had their own personal rocky mountain landscape in their backyard.

From the patio, fireplace, and water features, it can be used for evening relaxation, socializing with friends, or just sitting in a perfect rocky mountain replica late into the night.

This is Why Luxury Landscaping Matters to Us:

Landscaping is about the human experience - your experience, the experience of your family, and the memories you can create with your friends in your own backyard. At Groundscapes, we are lucky enough to be able to have the resources, passionate employees, and creative customers to get to spend our time creating these magnificent outdoor experiences!

If you are interested in more of our projects, definitely check out our fast growing profile on Houzz as well as our inspirations gallery! We are always eager to hear about new experiences, thematic landscapes and creative ideas from our customers!

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